Panther Crown May 2020

Come witness the tournament to determine the next heirs to the crown of Lochac, celebrate their victory with a lavish late period German feast and hunt for the elusive Lithgovian Panther in the vast lands on the western boundary of Dismal Fogs. The site, Maranatha, offers onsite cabins/dorms and unpowered camping with plenty of space for archery.

Bookings are now open!
More information:

*Steward Details*
SCA Name: Wendy Brewers

*Booking Details*
Bookings officer: Thora

Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking.


Booking Cap: There is a cap imposed by the site facilities (due to onsite septic processing system) for overnight onsite bookings. Onsite dorm accomodations will be allocated with priority being given to international/interstate visitors and guests with special needs.
There is a list of nearby accomodation options on here.

Book early!

Complete the Booking Form Here:
Bookings Close: 2020-05-10

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