Who are we?

Situated in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia, just West of Sydney, the Shire of Dismal Fogs is a regional branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The SCA is an international non-profit educational organisation that is dedicated to the research and recreation of pre-17th century European History. We focus on practical applications in medieval arts and sciences, including costuming, cooking, martial arts, dance, calligraphy and illumination, brewing, metalwork, archery and music (to name but a few!)

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A well-established group with a long SCA history in the Blue Mountains of N.S.W. We warmly welcome you to the ‘New Middle Ages’ and extending backwards in time, over the broad region of Europe to Asia & beyond.

Our group encompasses people interested in Roman & Greek, Persian, Viking and Indian, Tudor and Celtic – as long as it is pre-1600, someone will be researching that period in clothing, food & pastimes and authenticity backed by research is encouraged. Learn & research how people lived in earlier times and enjoy friendly company within the setting of Courtesy, Chivalry & Service. We are an inclusive group with a wide age range and have several family groups so please I encourage you to come meet us, experience living history and recreating this fascinating world. Inclusion, accessibility, hospitality and diversity are all hallmarks of our events.

We are safety conscious, using non-metal weapons and wear safety equipment to protect ourselves during combat.
We follow all current state government COVID-19 regulations at all times at all events.

From the Seneschal

Greetings! I’m Sasha, known as ‘Bethan’, the ‘Seneschal’ (President/Secretary) of the Shire of Dismal Fogs.

My family moved to Hazelbrook in 2018, but I’ve been active in the SCA since 1994 – singing, dancing, sewing, playing music, taking part in armoured combat (both as a swordfighter and a combat archer), and generally having fun with friends at feasts and camping events.

Now I’ve got schoolaged kids, I’m also interested in them learning how to make things and play together without digital technology.


If the above sounds like fun and you would like to know more about the SCA, or if you have questions, please email me at: