Play Tournament Fun

On October 20th We met in Warrimoo for a battle of skills and wit at the first Dismal Fogs “Play Tourney”.

Members matched their skill at various table and lawn games including Kubbe, 9 mans morris, strategy games and games of chance.

We enjoyed a fabulous supper of delicious pies prepared by our wonderful event Steward Lady Thalia Brassa.

There challenge to our attendees was to “learn a game, teach a game or win a game” to receive a token. The adult with the most tokens got to take home the Kubbe set as a prize and the children were awarded their choice of game to take to future events and teach others to play Everyone was commended on their willingness to learn and teach others.

It was a great joy to see many children challenging their parents to a game and watching the intense looks as people played “Viking Chess” and other strategy games that help one “get the measure of a man” before you engage in trade or battle.

We learnt some of the history of these games that have been passed down through the ages and how they were the way to teach strategy, war manoeuvres, math like counting and addition for little ones. Also that they way one plays shows their nature and that this was used in business negotiations and diplomacy.

A Fabulous Hunt with Fabulous Beasts!

Panther Hunt VII

We met this May to Hunt the wild and fanciful beasts in the western
forests of the Shire of Dismal Fogs. This year we had 75 hunters in
attendance including 27 children and two of the five new fogs babes. We were blessed
with clear sunny days and cool crisp nights to enjoy by our warm fire side
and bonfire.

Archery activities included a children’s clout, short clout for adults,
target archery and the beast shoot which took place whilst strolling
through the forests, a kids monster shoot and the 7th annual Dismal Fogs
Children’s boffer tournament, including a melee.

The Grand Feast was undertaken in a German theme to celebrate the efforts our
hunters in the Beast Hunt and toast the fabulous Lords who volunteered to
be beasts (The Kahn, Donwald, Jochem and Rodrigo). We were honoured to
have the Royal Heirs in attendance and deputised by the Crown to present
awards to our members.

The Shire of Dismal Fogs Boffer Champion was Tungge Usun as his skill and
Theatrics stole the show! A best and fairest prize was awarded by
consensus of the mothers present and the Khatoun to Jasmin. The Children’s
A&S token was presented to Hamish for his efforts to learn new skills in
the fibre arts at Rowany Festival AS 52.

Informal A&S activities took place, including an arrow making session on
Friday night and weaving and sewing in the sun on the village green on
Sunday morning.

We hope all the attendees enjoyed this year’s Hunt. The Shire is enriched
by your presence and friendship and we hope to see you all next year when
the weather cools and it’s time to hunt again.


Panther Hunt VII – May 25-27th – Lidsdale 2018

We plan for the cooler months a Grand Hunt to fill our larders and train our youngsters in the noble craft of archery! Join us this May to hunt the Western Forests of the Shire of Dismal Fogs for the infamous Lithgovian Panther and other foul but tasty beasts.

Join us for a weekend of hunting! There shall be archery in abundance! Tourneys, both heavy and rapier, if the masses do will it! Arts and sciences! And of course excellent feasting and good company to be had by all.

Accomodation for this event is in dorm style rooms accomodating from 3-7 people in each, on a first booked basis. Camping is also available for experienced cold weather campers.

Please notify when booking of any special dietary requirements, thank you.

Bookings close 12/5/18.
Please complete the booking form:

Spaces strictly limited! Book early!